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Find where we start as a team for your business.


Where Do We Start?

Tax planning is an important issue. Know where you stand before filing season so that you can be prepared. There may be techniques available to you, but they are usually required to be completed prior to the end of your tax year. Tax law changes are reinterpreted on a weekly basis by the legislature, the courts, and the Revenue Services. You need someone who will stay current to assist you in managing your liabilities.

The Solution

Gerald (G.L.) Kramer has been providing accounting and tax services to clients since 1966. His goal is to provide you with the qualified help you need to meet your financial goals, better your tax situation if possible, and help your business prosper. G.L. Kramer follows a simple creed: to provide personalized service above and beyond the norm. He is your accountant and is concerned about you.

Income Taxes

Tax questions are a constantly increasing problem. One of GLK’s areas of special focus is the reduction of your taxes. We readily answer your tax questions about “what do I owe? Why do I owe it? What can I deduct? and is this taxable or not?”  Because we continuously update our tax knowledge through periodicals, online tax services, and seminars, we can offer the latest techniques to help reduce your taxes.